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Expressions, views, things inside his head, pictures, podcasts, vidcasts, in other words, it is purely Sapian. Disclaimer: Don't get into his mind. His thoughts are nuts most of the time. Makes sense only for the same kind. Does not represent any Tom, Dick or Harry. Maybe you should "shout" out too. It prevents schizophrenia.

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Hidup Sebenarku

Haiz.... kemelesetan ekonomi. Kerja terjejas, gaji dipotong, cuti yang tak seberapa dipaksa ambil, digantikan pula dengan cuti yang tak bergaji.

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Isn't it cool to have such a long weekend? Chinese New Year it is for the chinese, holidays it is for me.

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Buat Baik Kerana Apa?

Biasa kita dengar, "Tak guna kau sembahyang kalau kau buat jahat".

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